Gray Spark Audio is a music studio / recording studio / song recording studio / studio for sound recording / music production studio located in Pune with state of the art facilities and services for music production and studio recording.
We’ve broadly categorized the work we do into four divisions. But we’re more than open to types of audio work that do not fit into these categories. We provide music studio, music production,studio recording,audio mixer Services.

Our Services


In our music studio, from tracking, to music production, to mixing and everything in between we do all that is necessary to make you sound your best (including arranging for session artists). Being musicians ourselves our musical sensibilities enable us to mix and master your music the way it’s meant to be listened to.


Our brilliant team of Sound Designers,Location Sound Engineers, Background Score Composers, Foley Artists & Mixing Engineers combined with our infrastructure can deliver sound of international standards. With the perfect harmony between Creative and Technical we are the right people to handle your project. We curate the right talent relevant to your project ensuring you get value for your money.


We have a lot of experience handling a high volume of Live Sound projects and studio recording. Our mixes of your live multi-tracks ensure that you sound great, yet keeping the essence of ‘live’ alive.


Gray Spark also offers Acoustic Consultation for the creation of studio spaces of global standards. We have designed and executed multiple professional and home audio setups. Our process includes providing the client with a detailed 3D view of the project before execution so they get an exact idea of what the end result will be.