Gray Spark Audio is the best live recording studio and team in Pune with a lot of experience in live multitrack recording of various kinds executed at venues. Your search for a live recording studio in Pune ends here. There is nothing like experiencing your favourite band or stand up comedian live but with our services you can relive the experience as many times as you want in the comfort of your homes.

Our team works with the engineers at the respective venue to make sure every aspect of the performance is recorded. A plan is drafted and all the requirements are taken care of before the event production begins. During the production stage microphones are placed for best recording possible. In case the event is being recorded on video plans are altered accordingly.

The Live multitracks are then mixed and mastered at our studio keeping in mind the essence of the performance and so it sounds just like being there at the venue which is not possible when recorded straight out of the mixer.


Our live room provides the experience of an entire band tracking together which always brings out the best in them. Our mixing and mastering engineers know the balance between the art and science of sound to sculpt your song like it needs to sound and make the right impact.