Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of art and has seen enormous technological advances in sound. Sound is the key factor in making a film an immersive experience. Our brilliant team of sound designers, location sound engineers, background score composers, foley artists and mixing engineers with our state of the art infrastructure can deliver sound of international standards. Get post production recording services and sound engineering in Pune. At Gray Spark Audio, get the best sound engineering in Pune from experienced sound engineers & experts.


Our team of engineers closely analyse every aspect of the film in tandem with the producers and directors and plan a execution strategy for the film to get the project ‘rolling’. This includes location reconnaissance surveys, equipment procurement and detailed study of artistic and technical aspects of each project.


The production phase includes capturing of every aspect on set effectively. This includes experienced location sound engineers and technicians who capture everything with utmost care on location.


Our experienced team of engineers work parallely on different aspects of the film including the track laying, ADR,dubbing, voice overs, sound design, foley and score to design the diagetic and non diagetic aspects of the film and make it come to life.


Our in house 5.1 pre mix theatre has been carefully tuned to provide the best surround mix and houses all the equipment needed to devise a proper film mix and wow the audience when it hits the theatres.