Gray Spark Audio offers consultation in Acoustics for the creation of Recording Spaces, Studios, Live Venues, Jam Rooms, Theatres and A\V Setups of global standards. We take care in providing the best design for spaces so they’re ready to be used for professional work in the realm of audio engineering.We also design spaces to cater to audiophiles to get the best sound experience in the comfort of their homes.

The process starts with preliminary reconnaissance survey of the site. This includes physical measurements and SPL measurements. The client is kept in mind while designing the space and we have various designs for different kinds of client. Our goal is to provide the best possible sounding room keeping in mind the clients requirements. We have worked and executed various spaces around Pune . The studios are first and foremost designed for an even frequency response and adequate RT60 . The aesthetics and interior design is handled by an experienced Interior designer so they look as good as they sound.

Our Projects