The whole point of this case study is to breakdown on how we at Gray Spark Audio tackled this project where we were hired to produce music, sound design and mix this advertisement.

But before diving into the case study let’s take a look at the final output that’s what z said ft.

Product/Company background is a professional network and community platform designed to support women in their careers and professional development. It offers a range of services and resources to help women connect with like-minded professionals, access mentorship and coaching, and advance in their careers.

Project details
A video of 45 to 60 sec long has been shot, where Zeenat Aman had few dialogues which were recorded along with the video.  The goal is to have upbeat music going with it. Majorly for platforms like Instagram reel and youtube.

Challenges tackled
The major challenge about this project was that the video and audio was already shot and the expectation was to make it sound like a rap spoof upbeat video.

Client’s Brief
Client references were down the lines of upbeat hip-hop music.


Plan of Action
First we made sure to get all the audio of the film from the director.
Next was to edit the dialogues in a way where there is a flow to the content, and we came up with a BPM that works for the music which would be upbeat and also where the words are clear and audible enough for the message to go across to the audience.
Next was to find the right producer who can pull this off. Since it had to be in the hip-hop genre, we reached out to our hip-hop producers to work on a demo, which was sent to the client.

Out of the 3 demos, the client chose one which they liked and wanted to build upon. Later on places of upliftment, drop, buildup etc were marked and informed to the producer. After 2 rounds of feedback and changes, stems for the music were imported here at the studio.
Later on an online session was conducted on zoom where the engineer sat with the content team from and edited the dialogues and did a basic mix. Since everyone was present in the meeting and after addressing all changes the production stage was executed successfully.

The next plan was to give the film more depth in terms of realism. The film was sent to a Sound Designer who designed sounds and sound effects to dramatize the film and give it more excitement. Foley elements of chain sounds, camera flashing sounds etc. were also recorded to give it a more realistic feel and fill up any empty spaces.

The final stage was to send the whole sound design stems and compile it in a mix session for the Mix Engineer to mix the 30 seconder ad. Here music, voice and sound design was balanced and mixed for platforms like Instagram and Youtube. This was then sent to the client for approval, once approved the project was handed over to a Mastering Engineer to make it louder as compared to other ads out there and make it translate well on earphones and mobile speakers.

The Mastered WAV file was sent to the director who later on exported her final video file.

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