Usually when clients come in for enquiries regarding recording, mixing or mastering the frequently asked question is, what is the difference between Studio A and Studio B? Hence I am writing this blog where it will be easier to understand what studio you would need to book for your project.

Clients can choose to book studio A for premium output/experience, and studio B for the best quality at an economic price. The major difference between both studios is basically
1. Range of microphones
2. Range of analog/digital outboard gears
3. Room Space
4. Monitoring

Studio A is our premium mixing mastering suite which is acoustically treated and is a treat to any musician. The aesthetic wooden vibe of studio A is the signature theme for Gray Spark Audio. Studio A has a control room and a live room which helps deliver superior quality recording mixing mastering services to all our clients.

Studio A Control Room

Welcome to Studio A Control Room, a spacious mixing mastering suite with top of the line A/D and Preamps: NEVE511, UAD4710, SSL, APOLLO.

Outboard Compressors, Limiter, EQs: MANLEY VARIABLE MU, WA76, Hyperion 500EQ

Studio A has mid field and near field monitors which helps in getting clean and precise mixes and masters ie. DYNAUDIO M2 & NEUMANN KH120

Studio A Live Room

A 700 sq feet space with wooden interior which is acoustically treated and aesthetically pleasing, caters to the creative needs of any musician. This beautiful space accommodates up to 25 musicians and also has an Upright B Steiner Piano.

Equipments available with Studio A


  • Neumann U87
  • WA 47
  • Neumann KM184
  • AKG c414
  • MD 421
  • SM 57
  • SM 58
  • E614
  • E604
  • E602ll
  • Neumann TLM 102
  • BETA91

Why Studio A

  1. Drum tracking
  2. Band live tracking
  3. Video shoot space
  4. Record with Upright B Steiner Piano
  5. Spacious vocal recording
  6. Access to outboard gears
  7. Access to more plugins
  8. Reamping abilities
  9. Superior quality mixes and masters
  10. Classic mics and Preamps for superior tonal quality

Studio B Control Room

Studio B is our compact recording studio, which is mainly used for vocal tracking, guitar tracking, foley, sound design, voice overs.

Preamp available in studio B : Audient id44 (Audient Console Mic Preamp)

Monitors : Neumann KH120

Equipments available with Studio B


  • AKG c414
  • MD 421
  • SM 57
  • SM 58
  • E614
  • Neumann TLM 102

Why Studio B

  1. Economical as compared to Studio A.
  2. Dubbing screen/teleprompter for voice over.
  3. Foley and sound designing space.
  4. Sonically pleasing mixes and masters.
  5. Great sounding acoustic guitar recordings.

The best recording studio in Pune, where you can choose your studio according to your needs. I hope this blog would be helpful for you in understanding what each studio offers and what would suit better for your needs.